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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal in NYC

Excess hair or unwanted hair are common problems for people with darker skin complexion. Left untreated, unwanted hairs can cause painful ingrown hairs, razor bumps, skin discoloration and affect one’s self esteem.

Until recently, laser hair removal was not an option for people with darker skin complexion because the lasers caused side effects like blistering, changes in skin pigmentation and scarring. New “color-blind” lasers such as nd:YAG or Diode laser use longer wavelengths to account for differences in skin tone and can safely and effectively eliminate unwanted hair in people with darker skin complexion.

For your safety and proven-efficacy, Dr. Dele-Michael and her staff use nd:YAG and Diode lasers to treat unwanted hairs, razor bumps, ingrown hairs anywhere on the body. These lasers are safe for all skin complexions.

For more information and a personal consultation, please call 212-229-0007 and schedule an appointment for laser hair removal in NYC at Dr. Dele-Michael’s practice in Manhattan today.