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Dr. Dele-Michael’s regeneration treatments and products have been crafted to help significantly reduce and diminish the underlying factors that accelerate the aging process. Our carefully selected regenerative treatments help to revitalize and renew one’s youthful appearance inside and out. Dr. Dele-Michael expertly combines each regimen based on the client’s age, lifestyle and concern.

Take a Firm Stand

If you are looking to regain or refine facial contours, Dr. Dele-Michael designs a customized plan of in-office non-surgical procedures using FDA-cleared medical technology to help reduce fat while firming and tightening skin (Ulthera®, Exilis™ Elite and Pixel™ ablative laser) with strategically placed (Botox®, Dysport® and Xeomin®) injections. Whether you want chiseled cheekbones, a better-defined chin, more sculpted jawline or rejuvenation of the neck and forehead, Dr. Dele-Michael will develop your personalized program.

Mane Events

A pioneer in hair restoration, Dr. Dele-Michael offers state-of-the-art, non-surgical, natural looking solutions for men and women to help regrow and volumize thinning hair and enhance eyebrows. Her highly effective methods include NeoGraft™ FUE technology, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and NeoLTS LED Light Therapy. Depending on your concerns, lifestyle and time frame, Dr. Dele Michael will formulate a plan using one or a combination of treatments to help you achieve fuller, thicker, stronger-looking hair with little to no downtime.

Sleek Physique Techniques

It’s no secret that as we age it becomes harder to shed unwanted, exercise and diet-resistant fat under our skin. Dr. Dele-Michael combines FDA-cleared non-surgical fat reducing technologies to help you achieve a noticeably slimmer, trimmer and firmer silhouette. Dr. Dele-Michael uses Exilis™ Elite, Ulthera®, Vanquish and CoolSculpting®, Pixel™ ablative laser and NeoLTS LED. These procedures require no downtime.

Our signature ADM lymphatic drainage massage further helps to re-shape your body by stimulating the release of toxins and excess water.

Plump it Up

With age and weight loss, your face loses some of it’s vitality and volume. Using a proprietary combination of skin-plumping techniques including facial-fillers, (Juvederm®, Voluma®, Perlane®, Restylane®, Radiesse®, or Sculptra®) along with our collagen boosting essentials (Exilis™ Elite, Ulthera®, Pixel™ Ablative Laser, Fraxel®, non-ablative laser NeoLTS, Intense Pulse Light therapy and PRP), Dr. Dele-Michael restores volume to hollowed cheeks, under eyes and temples.

Under Cover Agents

Depending on the depth and darkness of the bluish rings underneath your eyes, Dr. Dele-Michael tailors a regimen of non-surgical in-office procedures, including lasers, injectable fillers and at-home care to help you achieve lighter, brighter and more wide-awake looking eyes.

To help dark circles pull a disappearing act and minimize bruising, a side effect associated with the use of injectable fillers, Dr. Dele-Michael has customized a technique using a micro-cannula to inject the skin-plumping fillers that help to fade even stubborn dark under eye circles. These blunt-ended devices slide under the skin easily and painlessly without tearing the epidermis or slitting blood vessels like conventional needles can.

Scar Power

To minimize the appearance of scars from acne, illness, surgeries and accidents Dr. Dele-Michael offers a proprietary combination of non-surgical treatments. Her suite of services include peels, laser therapies and injectable fillers that smooth, plump where needed, and even out skin.

Stop Being Vein

For painful and unsightly spider and varicose veins, Dr. Dele-Michael performs state of the art non-surgical laser treatments, Sclerotherapy and ultrasound-guided Sclerotherapy. The result is healthier, smoother looking skin.

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