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NeoLTS® LED Skin Treatment

NeoLTS® LED Therapy at Radiant Skin NYC

Light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Each color of the spectrum has a different wavelength and benefit for the skin and hair. Light Therapy is the process of exposing the skin to specific wavelengths (colors) of light to help treat the signs of aging, reduce inflammation and promote skin well being, health and vitality.

Our NeoLTS® LED device combines three wavelengths of light to treat specific skin and hair conditions:

Blue Light Therapy Spectrum Image



The blue light wavelength treats precancerous skin lesions (actinic keratoses) and mild to moderate acne by selectively targeting P.acnes , the bacteria responsible for causing acne.

the red light wavelength targets inflammation e.g Rosacea, post procedure redness, bruising and swelling

the near infrared wavelength stimulates the production of skin’s natural collagen and elastin.

LED light therapy treatment protocol

Relax while your skin and hair are bathed in soothing light.

LED treatments are painless and relaxing and each session lasts about 10-20 minutes. Two treatments per week for 4 weeks are recommended to achieve optimal result. Afterward, a maintenance program is recommended based on your treatment goals.

NeoLTS® Benefits

LED light therapy has been clinically shown to improve acne, treat certain precancerous skin lesions, stimulate collagen and elastin and reduce inflammation. Unlike IPL and lasers, there is no thermal injury invloved, so the treatments are painless, gentle and have no associated downtime. To determine whether you are a candidate for LED light therapy, we recommend a consultation with our board-certified dermatologist. Here are some of the benefits of LED light therapy:

  1. Reduces periorbital wrinkles
  2. Stimulates production of skin collagen and elastin
  3. Reduces inflammatory acne
  4. Improves the appearance of age spots, sun spots and dark circles
  5. Improves the appearance of stretch marks
  6. Improves skin tone and clarity
  7. Reduces redness and inflammation e.g redness associated with rosacea, post-laser/IPL treatment or after Botox or Filler treatment
  8. Promotes the growth of fuller, thicker, stronger hair

Why should you choose NeoLTS® LED light therapy at Radiant Skin NYC

  1. No pain or discomfort
  2. No downtime
  3. Non-invasive
  4. Safe for all skin and hair types
  5. No thermal damage
  6. Visible results
  7. No scarring or discoloration
  8. Long term results and a simple maintenance plan
  9. Ideal for men and women of all skin and hair types
  10. Affordable

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