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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal In New York City

Eliminate Unwanted Hair

Are you tired of constantly removing excess or unwanted hair? Laser hair removal may be for you! At Radiant Skin Dermatology and Laser, our hair removal options are safe and effective for permanent hair reduction.

The treatment areas for laser hair removal include:

  • Face – Upper Lip and Chin
  • Neck
  • Underarms
  • Bikini area
  • Abdomen
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Legs

The Process

Our treatments target the melanin pigment in hair follicles, causing a reduction of hair growth in the treated area. Patients may require four to eight treatments, which are scheduled four to eight weeks apart. Each treatment is safe for the skin on either light or dark-skinned patients. We recommend you shave the treatment area one to two days prior to your appointment. It is also recommended you avoid tanning, plucking, waxing, tweezing, or electrolysis before you scheduled treatments.

Before Your Laser Hair Removal Procedure:

  1. Please shave the entire area you desire treated the day before your planned treatment.
  2. Use a broad spectrum SPF 30 (or greater) sunblock before AND after your treatments.
  3. An anti-inflammatory cream may be prescribed to avoid skin irritation
  4. Avoid electrolysis, waxing, threading, tweezing or plucking for 2 weeks prior to treatment and between sessions, however shaving is encouraged.

After Your Laser Hair Removal Procedure:

  1. No deodorant for 24 to 48 hours if underarm was treated.
  2. Immediately after your treatment there likely will be some slight redness, swelling around the hair follicles and mild discomfort similar to a sunburn. You may apply the prescribed or recommended skin cream to help soothe any redness or swelling. Cool packs may be applied.
  3. Call our office at 212-229-0007 if you notice bumps (folliculitis) after your session. This is normal and can be easily managed with creams or an oral medicine.
  4. Do not rub, or pick the treated area. Do not use any loofahs or abrasive scrubs for at least 5 days.
  5. Avoid strenuous sports activities or hot water/ saunas/ jacuzzi for 3 days.
  6. Avoid excessive sun exposure for 2 weeks after your treatment
  7. Contact our office if the area shows signs of infection or blistering.
  8. Continue to use sunblock for the duration of your treatments.

Scheduling Your Next Treatment:

  1. After your treatment, the hair may appear to grow for up to two weeks. This is simply the treated hair being shed from the follicle, and is not new growth.
  2. Shaving is recommended between sessions and is recommended the day prior to your next appointment.
  3. Your session typically is scheduled every four weeks for facial areas, and six weeks for chest, back, underarms and bikini area. Interruption of this schedule may cause less than optimal results.
  4. Electrolysis, waxing, threading, tweezing or plucking is to be avoided between sessions, however shaving is encouraged.

If you have any questions regarding laser hair removal or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us at (212) 229-0007.