Dr. Dele-michael


Dr. Dele-Michael’s skin harmonizing / equalizing treatments and products are designed to help maintain and promote even skin tone, texture and suppleness resulting in a more lasting, youthful skin radiance. Dr. Dele-Michael expertly combines each regimen based on the client’s age, lifestyle and concern.

Skin Care Products

Dr. Dele-Michael is the founder of ADM skin care, a range of 11 skincare products expertly formulated with proven ingredients to address and correct all skin care concerns and extend the benefits of in-office procedures, while helping to prevent future damage. The collection, which was created to set the new gold standard of at-home skin care, will be available this spring at Radiant Skin and Laser Aesthetic Dermatologic Medical Institute. View our skin care products here.

Don’t Sweat it

Uncontrollable excessive sweating, (Hyperhidrosis) of the hands, armpits and feet, can be embarrassing and bothersome. Reputed as a master injector, Dr. Dele-Michael helps reduce excessive perspiration with Botox® injections in key sweat glands.

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