The push for skin color

Many beauty brands have established themselves in the beauty industry as being diverse for all
skin colors. Brands like Fenty, Bobbi Brown, MAC Cosmetics, and Sephora have 20+ shades.
What makes these brands stand out is often what else they offer. They have SPF specific
products and products for sensitive skin, but they miss out on catering to the different skin
types, especially those that skin of color tends to run into.


For most white people, wrinkles and fine lines are their biggest issues for their skin. Latino and
Asian people can usually experience a mixture of wrinkles, fine lines and hyperpigmentation.
Black people often have hyperpigmentation. For many, finding the right products that address
their skin types and what they may experience is difficult.


For many women of color, they often have oiler skin, and need products that balance out
protecting the oil and not drying them out, but also hydrating their skin still. Those with oily skin
can sometimes feel like moisturizing is redundant, but it’s a key step in taking care of the skin to
maintain a much healthier look and feel.


A more inclusive selection of brands is needed to give people of color better options to take care
of their skin. Anything from inflammation, hyperpigmentation, dryness, wrinkles, and many other
issues should be focused on, no matter the shade.


Individually speaking, everyone has different undertones to their skin that can affect how their
skin reacts to some products or treatments. Those with red undertones may experience more
redness due to irritation, and those with cool undertones may sunburn easily.


Slowly, more brands like Clinique and Darker Skin Tones are addressing more of these
concerns for various skin types. As well, my line of skin care products, ADM, has an array of
products that fit the needs of different skin types.


It’s important to recognize your own skin type and skin care needs. Seeking out a dermatologist
to help you understand your skin will bring you a step closer to taking better care of your skin. At
Radiant Skin NYC, we aim to give the best information to make sure you have the best tools
and resources in giving your skin the attention and health it needs. Schedule a consultation
today to learn more about your skin.