Finding an appropriate moisturizer for your skin type.

Dry skin benefits from petroleum or oil-based moisturizers such as Aquaphor and Coconut oil respectively.

· Oily skin: avoid petroleum and oil-based moisturizers for oily skin. Instead, use a water-based moisturizer such as CeraVe lotion or Cetaphil lotion. Make sure the moisturizer is noncomedogenic to prevent your pores from clogging.

· Normal skin: you may use a water-based moisturizer in the summer. In the dryer winter months, consider petroleum or oil-based moisturizers.

· Sensitive skin: Avoid moisturizers with fragrances, dyes, or acids. In some cases, a prescription-strength moisturizer with Ceramides may be necessary.

· Mature skin: Consider an oil or petroleum-based moisturizer with wrinkle-fighting ingredients such as Vitamin C, retinol, Retinoic acid.

· Still have questions? Speak with a board-certified dermatologist to discuss treatment options for your skin.