Dr. Dele-michael

Getting a better view of myself with CoolSculpting

New year, New me is a phrase I say every year but never really get to achieve, bodywise that is. I’ve probably been the same weight all my life until after my college years but I have added a layer or two of fat around the midsection. That extra layer of fat around the belly definitely makes a difference when trying on dresses, fitting into jeans, and just doing the things that used to make me feel good.

I didn’t think that I could lose the belly fat without extreme diet and exercise and, honestly, even the thought of it was too exhausting with my busy work-life schedule. So I hopped on down to my job at Dr. Dele-Michael’s Radiant Skin Dermatology and Laser in NYC to have my complimentary CoolSculpting consultation. I wanted to find out what my options were for losing this FUPA (fat upper private area). More importantly, I needed a treatment that fit my budget and would not affect my social schedule or work schedule!

Dr. Dele-Michael’s Dermatology practice has all the latest and greatest body sculpting devices. I’m like a kid in a candy store when I get to work! For the guys out there, you’ll get the same feeling as walking into a Best Buy or Home Depot. Devices like Alma Laser lipo, Emsculpt, Sculpsure, Coolsculpting and InMode BodyTite to mention a few.

During my complimentary consultation, Dr. Dele-Michael explained the different procedures to me and the pros and cons of each procedure. Then we talked about downtime, prices and efficacy. I was sure to request a treatment that would offer significant improvement in time for me to be able to wear my lovely pink dress for the New Year’s Eve party I will be attending.

I chose Coolsculpting because it’s a quick procedure that I can fit it into my already busy work schedule. The treatment takes anywhere from 35 minutes to 65 minutes depending on where you’re treating and which applicator size is used. I did my treatment during my lunch break. Since Dr. Dele-Michael owns two CoolSculpting devices, I was able to DualSculpt, meaning I had 2 applicators going at once!

Right about now, you’re probably wondering how much does coolsculpting cost? CoolSculpting price starts at $750 an applicator. However, if you require more than three CoolSculpting applicators, you receive additional discounts making it a very cost effective body sculpting treatment. The price combined with the quick DualSculpting treatments with no downtime made CoolSculpting the best bodysculpting option for me, my  life style and my pocketbook.

I personally had 5 CoolSculpting applicators: 3 on my lower belly and 2 on my sides(love handles). In case you couldn’t tell, I’m already addicted to CoolSculpting! I am already thinking about getting my bra rolls fat treated as well as my emerging double chin.

I must confess that diet-wise I tend to eat a lot of junk food. I don’t adhere to a specific exercise regimen but I do love to dance at the club. I was able to continue eating my outrageous breakfast of bacon and well-done french fries and still wake up with a flat tummy three (3) weeks later. I love it!

CoolSculpting works by freezing pinchable fat. Once frozen, 25% of the frozen fat is permanently destroyed and eliminated through your body natural mechanisms, leaving a more sculpted physique. This opens up all sorts of possibilities in that you can treat areas such as the abdomen (belly fat), flanks (love handles and muffin tops), under the neck (double chin), back/bra rolls, inner and outer thighs, arms, side boob fat, under buttocks (banana roll). And for all the men out there, you can even get your chest CoolSculpted!

Besides cost, other concerns I had were does CoolSculpting hurt? Does my skin stay frozen? Does CoolSculpting damage my skin? Does it increase my chances of catching a cold? Guess what? The answer is No, No No and No! You don’t feel a thing pain-wise!!! The first two (2) minutes of the procedure, I felt a tad bit of tingling around the suctioned area before my skin became temporarily numb or maybe I just got used to the feeling. My skin did not stay frozen. My skin is definitely not damaged and I for sure did not catch a cold. I was literally freezing my fat while scrolling through my Instagram feed and taking selfies the entire time.

Once my treatment was done and it came time to remove the applicator, you need to endure a very important and necessary two (2) minute massage. This was the only uncomfortable part of the process but it is essential because the massage helps to break up the frozen fat, allowing blood to circulate and facilitate the body’s natural process of eliminating the treated fat.

Would I recommend CoolSculpting? 100%. This procedure was so fast, there was no downtime, and it was cost effective for me. I didn’t need to change my diet, I didn’t need to change my lifestyle, and I didn’t have to be put under general anesthesia or go under the knife to achieve my goal. I would choose CoolSculpting 100 times over getting liposuction or anything else for taking the stubborn fat away.

After I finish freezing my fat away, I’m going to come right back to Dr. Dele-Michael and build up the muscle using Emsculpt. Wait on the next blog post on Emsculpt to know all the details and pros and cons of that treatment.

Well lovelies, I have to go, but do come say hi and we can chop it up some more. Until then, your favorite Radiant Skin Receptionist signing off.

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