EMSCULPT® is a fairly new device you may have seen featured in the aesthetic communities or through the media. If you want to have a perkier backside or the ideal abs without injections or surgery, this treatment may be the solution. If you are familiar with non-invasive fat removal, EMSCULPT® is something that will most likely catch your interest. This groundbreaking treatment is the way to build your muscles while removing excess fat.

This procedure is different from traditional body sculpting. This treatment was specifically created for people who want to add a finishing touch to their bodies. If you have worked hard to lose weight and sculpt your body, EMSCULPT® will help you achieve more muscle tone and definition. The best results are seen by individuals with an inch or less of pinchable fat.

The EMSCULPT® Procedure

The treatment uses Focused Electromagnetic technology with a high intensity to trigger muscle contractions exceeding what your body is capable of by itself. This enables your muscles to change their structure by burning fat and building muscle. The majority of body sculpting treatments use cooling or heat to destroy fat cells, but there is no muscle toning. This procedure is also a good technique for achieving a non-invasive butt lift.

This procedure was designed as a supplement to an active and healthy lifestyle. Muscle contractions are triggered that are not possible during normal exercise. In thirty minutes, EMSCULPT® stimulates contractions for 20,000 muscles. This is equivalent to doing 20,000 crunches or squats in thirty minutes. The procedure begins with an examination of your buttocks and stomach.

You expected results and expectations are discussed, and the determination as to whether you are a good candidate for the procedure is discussed as well. Some people can start the treatment immediately. The treatment begins while you are relaxing and lying down in a bed. All the work is performed by the device. If your abs are being sculpted, a paddle will be placed on your stomach to trigger contractions of your abdominal muscles. For the buttocks, two paddles are strapped on.

The EMSCULPT® device does all the work. You will feel the contractions in your muscles as the device burns fat and builds muscle. You will see a difference in both fat reduction and muscle tone. It is important to continue your regular exercise program and diet during your treatment.

It is important to realize this treatment is not meant for everyone. The determination you are a good candidate must be made prior to receiving the procedure by the professionals at Radiant Skin Dermatology and Laser in one of our offices in Midtown, Harlem, or Washington Heights. If you are interested in the EMSCULPT® procedure, contact us today to schedule your consultation!